Wwise Analog: TableTop Edition (WATTE) 1997.1, coming soon!

コミュニティとイベント / 新リリース

Here at Audiokinetic, we are always listening, and in 2017 we heard you. You who crave the wholesome and cardboard goodness of pure analog gaming board games! This is why we are proud to announce the latest version of Wwise : 1997.1 !

Wwise Analog TableTop Edition (WATTE) 1997.1  .png

The Wwise Analog: TableTop Edition (WATTE) 1997.1 , is the first of a new line of curated Wwise experiences. Created here with our Roleplaying & Dungeoneering (R&D) team, WATTE will offer you an auditory experience like no other. You might be thinking, “what are you talking about?!” So, let me show you WATTE I’m talking about:

  • Brand new analog BoardGame Object Hierarchy, complete with handmade Work Unit and Wwise container objects, complete with monthly subscriptions for fresh and new sound delivered to your door!
  • Wwise is now compliant with all National Aviation Authorities in the world in regards to its brand new Spatial Drone Audio (SDA) engine.
  • Supports up to 11th order ambisonics for up to 11 million drones, for complete and realistic immersion. This is 1 million times louder than anything else on the market.
  • Support for AKAI MPC2000 for that true 97 feel and portability.
  • Brand new Cassette Tape Emulation (CTE), for true audio fidelity. You will now be able to switch from Side A to Side B, in realtime!
  • Available this Christmas from your favorite catalog retailer including Consumers Distributing, the Sears Catalog and Macy’s. Layaway available.
  • Coming soon to Skymall magazine.

Maximilien Simard Poirier

Sound Designer/ Developer Relations


Maximilien Simard Poirier

Sound Designer/ Developer Relations


Maximilien is an avid interactive audio designer for games and VR. He is currently based in Montreal and holds the Sound Designer in Residence position at Audiokinetic. Max holds a bachelor’s in Digital Music from the University of Montreal, and he has worked on a plethora of projects throughout his career. Some of his credits include: Time Machine VR, mobile smash hit Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator, and other distinguished contributions such as the soundtrack of Resident Evil VII. As a passionate musician and gamer, Max always aims to push the envelope with interactive media, and contribute to the community by sharing knowledge and experiences. Max is a frequent game audio and virtual reality lecturer. His most recent speaking credits include: Montreal ComicCon, Symposium IX, Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS), Concordia University as well as the University of Montreal.



Narie Juerian

April 01, 2017 at 11:57 am

Waaaaaatte lol

Eric Robinson

April 01, 2017 at 01:15 pm

Oh man, can't wait to get my hands on this! Just what I need for my own home-copy of Carcassonne!




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