Imba Interactive
Imba Interactive provides professional sounding end-to-end audio solutions for interactive media. We are a group of sound designers and composers that specialize in audio for interactive content, and are intent on pushing the limits of audio in interactive media. Beyond asset creation, we aim to augment the interactivity of your product and have in mind to create a gratifying and immersive experience for the users. We are well-known in South-East Asia & Taiwan to be technically competent especially for audio implementation. Communicating well with game designers to push audio implementation boundaries allows us to stand out in the region. Our understanding of the Asian market can also be beneficial to other developers and/or audio studios based outside of Asia. Notable projects: Masquerada: Songs & Shadows by Witching Hour Studios (2016) Devotion by Red Candle Games (2019) No Straight Roads by Metronomik (2020)

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