Aaron Brown
Since 2007 Aaron has created audio experiences with industry juggernauts including LucasArts, Playful, Epic, Electronic Arts, Activision, Naughty Dog, Twisted Pixel, Starbreeze, Raven and notable mobile gaming developers. During his career he has been fortunate enough to have contributed his skills to some video games that have won audio awards including Uncharted 3 and The Force Unleashed 2. Aaron has also done composition, sound design and implementation in VR with titles such as Path Of The Warrior, Lucky’s Tale for Oculus, Robo Recall for Oculus and multiple projects for Starbreeze. He also focuses on doing what he can to build a better sound community. He currently lives in Austin where he runs the Austin Game Audio Meetups, hosts gatherings at Mosaic Sound Collective and is on the AES Central Texas Board.

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