Natsuo Koda
CEO - Miraisens, Inc.
Engaged in research, development, and commercialization of 3D computer graphics (3DCG) at Sony Kihara Research Center and Sony Corporation. Retired from Sony in 2007 and participated in several deep tech startups. In 2014, became CEO and co-founded Miraisens, a company focused on researching and developing 3DHaptics technology. This technology uses illusions to express tactile sensations digitally. In 2019, Miraisens became part of the Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Group, advancing the commercialization of 3DHaptics. In 2021, the Haptics middleware solution, AMPTIX, was launched. Until 2021, held the position of professor at Digital Hollywood University Graduate school and engaged in technology related contributions, writing, and consulting.

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