Eddy Liu
Audio Designer/Composer - ZEN SOUND STUDIO
Eddy Liu respectively holds a Bachelor’s in Sound Recording from Beijing Film Academy and a Master’s in Music Technology from New York University. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Eddy has been involved in the audio production of several films, TV series and commercials. In 2008, he served as an audio technician for the official film of the Beijing Olympic Games. In 2016, he took part in the production of A Hero for a Day, which won the Best Short Film Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Game titles he worked on include Flight Tycoon, Witch's Weapon, Sleeping Gardila, Kingdoms Mobile, Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD, Your Toy, Code: Hardcore, Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher. Also, he’s devoted to exploring the overall building & designing of game audio and the development of VR audio & interactive music.


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