Gordon McGladdery
Studio Director - A Shell in the Pit
Gordon is the studio director of A Shell in the Pit and is going to stop writing in third person now. I never planned on this. A Shell in the Pit was originally meant to be my solo music project. Then I started to get composition gigs. Then I started getting sound design gigs, too. Then I got so many that I needed help, so I found skilled collaborators who I could trust with my cat food-buying livelihood. Then it turned out I needed help all the time, and my collaborators were so skilled and amazing that it became obvious we could do so much more than “just audio” as a team. Suddenly there was a company, with big dreams which are consistently being realized. I am currently the in-house composer at A Shell in the Pit but am intensely passionate about sound design as well. My work includes Rogue Legacy, Smarter Every Day, Okhlos, Wandersong, Fantastic Contraption and a bunch of other stuff. On top of my actual content creation tasks my current passions are film, sustainable/ethical employment (aka keeping this ship afloat!), and freelance & game audio mentoring. ​


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